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Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz filming 'Gambit' at Heathrow

Filming for the Coen Brothers' latest film truly got off to a flying start as its two stars shot scenes at Heathrow Airport.

Passengers tried to get a good view at Terminal 5 as Diaz strutted around in a pair of tiny shorts alongside her co-star Firth as they filmed the remake of 1960s crime caper Gambit.

Oscar winner Firth will take on the role originally played by fellow Brit Michael Caine - a thief who plans to steal a piece of expensive art from the world's richest man, to be played by Harry Potter's Alan Rickman.

Diaz dons the shorts in the role of a rodeo cowgirl who becomes involved in the scheme because she is the splitting image of the wealthy man's wife. The part was played by Shirley Maclaine in the original, minus the Daisy Dukes.

Firth looked very much like Michael Caine did in the role wearing dark rimmed glasses and a sharp grey suit. Luckily for Firth, he has the acting chops of Caine, too.

Firth has described the journey to finally getting the film made as a 'tortuous process' - he has been on board the project for four years. Diaz was last seen in superhero action flick Green Hornet, and will be next seen in adult comedy Bad Teacher.

Colin Firth won an Academy Award for Best Actor in historical drama, The King's Speech, as stuttering monarch George VI.


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