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Of Possible Interest: Some Bridget Jones Fic

Greetings, felllow Firthians.

Just a little Sunday Morning treat--I thought some of you might be interested in a few BJD fics I've posted recently: links below.
The Spice of Life Summary: Valentine's Day- Mark and Bridget are newly-weds, and Mark has cooked up a rather spicy surprise. (not specifically movie universe, but I've lifted
bits of dialogue from both films).

For Once in my Life
Summary: a little piece inspired by the sale of a ring belonging to Jane Austen at a Sotheby's auction this past May. Column universe: "When you offer
a woman everything and it takes her three weeks to make up her mind, sooner or later you have to face up to the fact that she doesn't really love you."
Picks up immediately after Mark gives Bridget the news about his job offer in Japan; told from Mark's point of view.
All My Roads Lead to You [link to part 1 of 5]
Summary: Set about 13 years after Mark and Bridget's marriage.
There's trouble in paradise as the Darcy family embarks on a summer holiday. Featuring original characters Anne, emma, Cordelia, and Bertie the cat :-)

Enjoy! <3
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